Creativity in Higher Education; A Way to Achieve Sustainable Development in Afghanistan

  • Mohammad Mohammadi Master of Education, University of Pune, India & Contract Lecturer, Herat University, Afghanistan
Keywords: Creativity, Higher education, Sustainable development, Culture, Educational strategies, Afghanistan


In the new age and the conflict of competition between societies, the superiority of countries depends on the extent to which they benefit from modern science and knowledge, and ultimately the scientific effort and technology that generates creative and efficient human resources as the main factor Finding development. Higher education represents an important type of investment in human resources and contributes to sustainable development by providing and promoting the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed by learners. Higher education promotes knowledge and new research and scientific advances. And this new knowledge owes much to human creative thinking. Therefore, creativity is one of the most important and pervasive human activities. Higher education as a manifestation of the culture of any society has a great role in the dynamism and creativity of learners. Looking at the events of the last hundred years in Afghanistan, we will know that what should have been considered in the educational centers has not been observed. A severe blow has been dealt with the various economic, social, political and cultural sectors of Afghanistan. The purpose of this article is to introduce creativity in higher education and examine its role in sustainable development to raise the attitude of educators. Because the key to cultural education, which is the key to the development and progress of society, must be found in the hands of novice and innovative teachers who believe in different creative teaching patterns.

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Mohammadi, M. (2020). Creativity in Higher Education; A Way to Achieve Sustainable Development in Afghanistan. Shanlax International Journal of Education, 9(1), 51-55.