The Role of Education in Combating Violent Extremism in Developing Countries with an Emphasis on Afghanistan

  • Mohammad Mohammadi Contract Lecturer, Herat University, Herat, Afghanistan,
Keywords: Education, Radicalization, Extremism, Prevention, Developing countries, Afghanistan


Education as a pervasive process has affected all aspects of individual and group life, and today, almost all those seeking development and reform start from all over the world. Preventing radicalization and violent extremism is one of the most controversial issues in the world in this century. In addition, it was found that some extremist groups are recruiting in educational settings. These findings led to a new approach to the education sector as a prominent partner in preventing and combating the radicalization of young people. Education faces many challenges in developing countries, including Afghanistan. With the change of world views, cultures and different beliefs of human beings, the goals of education have also changed and according to this, there is a direct relationship and coordination between society and education. The inefficiency of the education system in different sections of the society will have adverse effects and dangerous consequences, as can be seen from the findings, lack of inclusive education, lack of quality in education and lack of job opportunities after graduation are recommended to strengthen the role of education for sustainable development in developing countries, especially Afghanistan because education is the cornerstone of development. One of the most important and influential institutions, investing in equal education and creating a safe environment for students at different levels (primary, secondary and tertiary) and adopting sensible strategies can be in the process. Integration, convergence, peaceful coexistence and the elimination of violence between peoples and nations have brought about many effects and changes.

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Mohammadi, M. (2021). The Role of Education in Combating Violent Extremism in Developing Countries with an Emphasis on Afghanistan. Shanlax International Journal of Education, 9(3), 273-287.