Technology and Education - Prospects of a Future Classroom

  • Sonali Bhandari Jain Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, St. Aloysius College, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India
Keywords: Education, Information age, Innovation, Smart classroom, Technology, Teaching method


In an age where everything has become more Visual and access to technology and its devices has increased significantly, there is a need to bring about a radical change in how education is imparted and delivered. Using modern age technology, we can not only save resources and time but also make learning more interactive and attractive. This research study was undertaken to ascertain which methodology of teaching works best in the modern-day scenario. Two studies were undertaken.

 In the first study, a test was conducted on a group of 40 students of the school who were experimented with by delivering lessons in both modern and traditional teaching methods. After analyzing the results, it was observed that the modern way of teaching is a better source of imparting knowledge as it engages the students and makes them want to learn more.

 In the second study, increased use of the internet and a subsequent rise in online education portals is observed, thereby proving that the modern way of teaching holds the key to a better future in the field of education.

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