Augmented Reality in Science Education: An Application in Higher Education

  • Ozkan Yilmaz Faculty of Education, Department of Mathematics and Science Education, Erzincan Binali Yildirim University, Erzincan, Turkey
Keywords: Augmented reality, Science education, Higher education, Student perception


Effective usage of augmented reality(AR) depends on good integration into the learning environment. Based on a qualitative research approach, this study investigates the effects of using AR technologies in science education to support the effective use of AR. Students’ experiences of AR were gathered using a prepared questionnaire form. Within the scope of science education, AR was used in a university-level chemistry course. Using theme analysis, descriptive themes were created by analyzing the content of completed questionnaires in written texts. Descriptive expressions obtained from the written text were determined by free coding. These codes were then matched with appropriate themes and illustrated in the form of branched trees. The study results demonstrated that AR is an optimal tool for teaching abstract subjects that do not feature direct observation and examination in science education. Students also have positive opinions about the use of AR in other courses in science education. Another important result from this study revealed that AR software interfaces require improvements to be suitable as teaching material. In addition, several recommendations have been presented for the better integration of AR into the learning environment.

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