Can Google Classroom be Used as an Alternative for Classroom Teaching?

Keywords: Google Classroom, Technology, Self-Learning


This study explored if Google Classroom (GC) can be used as an alternative for classroom teaching. 316 students (M:120 & F:196), classes ranging from nine to twelve from Phuentsholing HSS in Bhutan responded to the survey. The survey contained quantitative part with close ended questions with the Likert scale and the qualitative questions which was open ended questions. The descriptive analysis was done for quantitative response and simple thematic analysis was done for the qualitative data. The findings indicated that the students had problem with access to Internet and affordability in terms of purchasing the gadgets and paying for the Internet bills. The students were found to be adaptive to this new tool with exploration as they kept using it. Moreover, students agreed that the GC was very much applicable for online teaching and learning as it enabled the continuation of education even when the school remained closed. The study showed that teachers were using different styles to engage the students online for meaningful learning. Some challenges were identified such as high cost of Internet, poor network, students not focusing on their learning, students simply copying assignments without learning anything, time management, teachers simply sending the videos and materials without clear explanation, and no face-to-face interaction for discussion.

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