Ecological Migration: A Qualitative Study on Social Studies Teachers’ Views

Keywords: Ecological Migration, Geography, Social Studies, Teacher Opinions


Ecological migration can be defined as the forced abandonment of the place where people live in order to continue their lives after the deterioration of the ecological balance for various reasons as a result of the negativities they have experienced. In this study, it was tried to determine the views of social studies teachers about migrations due to ecological reasons. There search was carried out with the voluntary participation of teachers working in Ankara, Istanbul, Eskişehir, Isparta, Kocaeli, Mersin, Ordu, Yozgat and Sinop. Descriptive analysis, one of the qualitative research methods, was used in the research. Interview questions were sent to teachers over the internet. Interview questions consist of open-ended questions. As a result of the data obtained, teachers found the subject of ecological migration inadequate in the social studies textbooks, that the subject was not directly mentioned in the program, that the knowledge, skills and behaviors that students would gain by teaching this subject would reduce environmental problems, and there were also reasons why people would have to leave their place of residence due to ecological reasons will be disappeared. When there lated field is examined in the literature, a suggestion has been made to fill the gap in the field due to the lack of any study in the field of education on this subject.

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Öner, S. (2022). Ecological Migration: A Qualitative Study on Social Studies Teachers’ Views. Shanlax International Journal of Education, 10(S1-Aug), 116-127.