Ethical Behaviour with Avoiding Text Mining in Digital Education

Keywords: Ethical Behaviour, Text Mining, Data Mining, Digital Education


Behavioural psychology is to connect our minds and activities. Our intentions and actions must be such that they do not affect others. Education is changing to digital education so we force to act with good behaviour. Nowadays, text mining is to be challenged for educationists. This paper addresses the ethical behaviour of avoiding text mining in digital education in the twenty-first century such as have explained how to act with ethical behaviour in others’ text data in the current situation. This article advises following ethical behaviour in an educational text message, information, materials, etc. Further, this article explains what text mining is and how to use it with ethical behaviour. We will hope that text mining protection will get to everyone in future. Beginning with an overview of text data mining, this paper concludes with how to play with good behaviour.

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Selvan, T., & Kalaiyarasan, G. (2022). Ethical Behaviour with Avoiding Text Mining in Digital Education. Shanlax International Journal of Education, 10(4), 39-44.