The Cultural Basis of the Violence against Woman

Keywords: Culture, Violence, Woman, Education


People are born into an existing culture and are shaped by it, whether they realize it or not. The fact that people socializing in the same cultural environment have similar values, norms and behavior patterns results from this feature of the culture. While there are quite distinguishable differences between the cultures of different societies in the world, when it comes to violence against women, the distinctiveness of cultures disappears and societies show great similarities with each other. This is due to the fact that men’s perspectives on women are similar around the World. The elimination of the violence primarily depends on men to change their perspective on women; to accept that women are human beings in the true sense of the word to accept that they have a dignity and this honor is at least as valuable as their own and to perform their relations with women on this acceptance. For a world without violence, both formal and informal education institutions have great responsibilities. The problem of violence can be solved by starting a total education campaign in the media, schools and religious institutions, especially in the family. The cultural basis of violence against women is tried to be revealed in this study. With this aim, the hints of the culture that feed violence are traced in proverbs and creation myths collected from different parts of the world.

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