Investigation of Primary School Music Education Repertoire in Terms of Music Terminology

Keywords: Primary School, Music, Music Terminology, Coursebook, Musical Terms


The aim of this study was to conduct a terminological examination of the songs and folk songs in primary school Music course books through the musical notes. Based on the statement that music theory, musicality and music aesthetics should be offered to primary school children, the musical notes in the coursebooks were examined under the titles of Tempo, Break and Pause, Dynamics, Articulation, Expression, Repetition and codas. Case study method, one of qualitative research designs, was adopted in the study. A total of 126 songs and folk songs included in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade Music coursebooks published by the Ministry of National Education in 2018-2019 were investigated. Document analysis was used in data analysis. One book for the 1stGrade Music course (21 musical works), two different books for the 2ndGrade Music course, one was published in 2018 (21 musical works) and the other in 2019 (22 musical works), two different books for the 3rdGrade Music course,both published in 2019 (21 and 18 musical works) and one book for the 4thGrade Music course(23 musical works) were published and distributed.2nd and 3rd Grade Music coursebooks, which had two different editions, differed according to the region and schools. The results showed that the terms and symbols of tempo, breaks, articulation, expression, ornaments, accent, repeat, which form the basis of the music, were not included sufficiently, the musical expressions intended to be taught were not reinforced and the international music terminology was not followed. In addition, it was found that although the musical notes were presented in the coursebooks, they were not explicitly shown to the students, and even the teachers were directed to videos instead of using musical notes. In addition, it was found that the end-of-unit evaluations did not consist of questions related to music terminology, and no definition of music terminology was presented in the glossary section at the end of the coursebooks. As a result, it was concluded that the coursebooks cannot go beyond activity planning due to the lack of a teaching on music theory and that the mistakes related to music terminology in the musical works can disrupt music education.

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