Bibliometric Analysis of Inquiry-Based Science Research During 2000-2021

Keywords: Inquiry-based Science, Bibliometric Analysis, Articles


The aim of this research is to explore the research trends of inquiry-based science (IBS) articles in the Web of Science database during 2000-2021. The bibliometric method was used in the research. A total of 662 IBS education articles were included in the study, out of 1389 IBS publications covering all fields published in Web of Science during 2000-2021. Citation and co-citation analysis were applied using VOSviewer software. The data obtained from this analysis are presented with tables, graphs, and bibliometric maps. According to the results, there is an increase in the number of IBS publications or citations in the recent years. The most cited keywords are teacher development, professional development, primary school, science achievement, and PISA. The most cited countries are the USA, Germany, and France. It has recently been determined that there is a trend towards sustainability education, local perspectives, technology, and interdisciplinary integration in IBS studies. The results were discussed with previous studies in the literature and some suggestions were made for future research. This research, which photographs inquired-based science studies published over the last two decades, may be useful to science education experts and curriculum evaluators.

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Kutlu Abu, N. (2023). Bibliometric Analysis of Inquiry-Based Science Research During 2000-2021. Shanlax International Journal of Education, 12(1), 70-85.