An Examination of Physical Literacy of High School Students

Keywords: Physical Literacy, Sports, High School


The aim of this study is to examine the physical literacy of high school students. Since the high school age group is between 14-18, it is designed for adolescents. Physical literacy emerges as a concept that does not date back very much. When the literature is examined, it is seen that the number of studies related to this concept is low in Turkish context. A total of 260 high school students residing in the province of Ankara participated voluntarily for this purpose. Regarding the gender distribution of the participants, 163 were female and 97 were male. Demographic information and Perceived Physical Literacy Scale for Adolescents were conducted via Google form. The scale developed by Sum et al. (2018) was adapted into Turkish by Yılmaz and Kabak (2021) has also been used for data collection. Data were collected from the accessible group by simple random sampling method. Descriptive statistics were used in the analysis of the findings. Since the groups showed normal distribution, one-way ANOVA and independent groups t-test were used in the analyses. As a result, no difference was found in the gender variable. At the grade level, significant differences were found between 9th and 11thgrades, and between 9th and 11thgradesagainst 9th.According to the status of doing sports, a significant difference was found in favor of those who do sports. According to the statistics made among those who do sports regularly every week, it was found that as the number of days of exercise increased, physical literacy also increased. The findings are discussed in the light of the relevant literature.

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