Pedagogical Practices: A Promising Approach to Empower Diverse Learners in Inclusive Setup

Keywords: Diverse Learners, Inclusive Pedagogy, Least Restrictive Environment, Educating All


Inclusive education has grown into a worldwide process of educating all students, confirming a commitment to universal guidelines and values of inclusiveness and diversity. It involves recognizing and eliminating roadblocks that limits students, especially disadvantaged ones, from participating and flourishing in their endeavors. More importantly, the complexities of diversity concerns have improved as the concept of inclusive education has shifted its emphasis from facilitating children with disabilities towards educating all students. Inclusive pedagogy serves EVERY learner with individual differences, engaging everyone despite their socioeconomic status, capacities, native tongue, cultural background, religion, gender, racial background, disabilities etc. promotes their worth, egalitarianism, and equity for everyone. It supports and values everyone who participates in a classroom and acknowledges that we all learn from one another even the teacher, who can learn from the students. Inclusive pedagogy welcomes various cultures, creates suitable atmospheres for the interaction of diverse opinions, and assigns different tasks that require students to reflect thoughtfully regarding equitable and multicultural issues. Government initiatives and policy serves as the best practices for the nation. As beautifully quoted by Kothari Commission (1964-66), ‘Destiny of a nation is shaped in its classroom’. Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA) in 2004, students of differently-able are to be enlightened in an atmosphere that is least restrictive (LRE) alongside classmates without special needs in the nearby schools to fullest extent with appropriate measures in educational system. Certain Pedagogical Practices can be employed in the classroom instead of just teaching syllabus through talk-chalk method to cater the needs of everyone in order to develop them fully so that they ALL can become future contributors of the society, nation and world. A promising approach with utmost dedication towards these future generations has to be implemented religiously by mentors every day in the classroom to uplift them, energized them towards their own goals by not following the traditional approach ‘One Size Fits All’.

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Kaur, J., & Bhatia, R. (2024). Pedagogical Practices: A Promising Approach to Empower Diverse Learners in Inclusive Setup. Shanlax International Journal of Education, 12(S1-June), 96-103.