An Investigation of Private School Psychological Counseling and Guidance Teachers’ Views on Immigrant Students

Keywords: Psychological Counseling and Guidance, PCG Teachers, Immigrant Students, Education of Refugees, Private School


Migration continues to emerge as a significant issue in the present day, extending beyond its historical context. This phenomenon not only forms a broad spectrum of impact in social, economic, and cultural realms but also holds notable consequences in the realm of education. Migration, on one hand, has the potential to stimulate cultural interaction, enhancing diversity in knowledge and experience. On the other hand, immigrant individuals may encounter early challenges such as educational inequalities or negative attitudes. This intricate relationship between migration and education contributes to cultural development while simultaneously bringing about areas of societal conflict. Understanding the effects of migration on the younger generation falls within the responsibilities of Psychological Counseling and Guidance (PCG) teachers. These educators aim to support students’ academic, personal, social, and emotional development, particularly addressing the challenges posed by the education of immigrant students in the context of social diversity. Research on understanding the attitudes among school stakeholders towards immigrant students contributes valuable insights to this field. In this context, the study is an original work focusing on the perspectives of PCG teachers concerning the attitudes of other stakeholders in schools with immigrant students in private schools. Conducted using qualitative research methods and the phenomenology design, the study involved 12 PCG teachers working in private schools in Gaziantep, Kilis, and Mersin, which are among Turkey’s cities experiencing significant migration. Data collected through interviews were analyzed using content analysis. The findings revealed that, overall, teachers and students in private schools with immigrant students tended to have a positive attitude, while parents held a negative outlook. A collective evaluation of all data suggests a notably positive perception and attitude toward immigrant students.

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